Friday, January 6, 2017

Check out "The BigLaw Investor" Site For Great Personal Finance Insights

As any practicing attorney knows, being "too busy" is a double-sided coin.  On one side, it means that things are going well, but on the other side it means that you don't have time to do the fun, extra things that you like to do - like write posts for a blog about personal finance for lawyers!

Fortunately, although I have been far too busy over the last several months to advance the ball, another blog has stepped up and it is really delivering the goods.  I am talking about The BigLaw Investor !   I recently found out about them and I have read a bunch of the posts - and I really recommend that you check them out.  The financial insights for young, practicing attorneys are very good.  I have also added them to the blogroll at the right.

All the best to you on your financial journey and I hope to be able to get back to posting later this year.