Friday, August 12, 2011

A Tier 1 Law Professor Admits Law Schools Are Scamming Students

As reported by AboveTheLaw and appearing on InsideTheLawSchoolScam a Tier 1 Law Professor has decided to rise to the highest of ethical standards (you know, the kind that law schools are supposed to teach and abide by) and A Tier 1 Law Professor Admits Law Schools Are Scamming Students.

The Professor has about eight posts so far - and man are they good.  He really comes out swinging.  Let's look at them below.

Here's a quote from his first post - Welcome to my nightmare  Emphasis added by me.
In the end, the fact that law professors don't intend to scam their students is irrelevant. We are scamming them, or many of them, and we know we are -- or we would know if we paid any attention at all to the current relationship between legal academia, legal practice, and the socio-economic system in general, which naturally is why so many of us avoid doing so at all costs.

He then talks about law school teaching and confirms what many of us suspected during our law school years and were then able to confirm once we were practicing attorneys and talked to law professors - most (not all, but most) law school professors don't know what they are talking about.
It takes just a few probing questions from the cleverer and less cowed to reveal that the typical law professor’s knowledge of the subject matter he’s teaching is a mile wide and an inch deep.  Sure, he’s good enough (maybe) at faking that he knows what he’s talking about in regard to X – even when X is actually a giant sprawling mass of often contradictory and incoherent material covering a vast range of subjects that touch on dozens of areas of expert knowledge that have kept armies of social scientists and other real academics busy for their entire careers .
 Here are a couple more great quotes:
 Consider the sheer absurdity, for example, of a professor “knowing” the “law of Property.”  The only reason such a preposterous hypothetical is even momentarily plausible is because law professors are good at using their social authority to reduce “the law of Property” to something as intellectually impoverished and practically useless as the various Restatements of Property etc. 
Law school faculties are full of “academic lawyers” who are neither academics nor lawyers.  This guarantees that most of your classes will be a complete waste of time.

Amen, brother.

Then the professor takes on the vapid wasteland that is called Legal Scholarship - and SHREDs it.  And then shreds it some more.   The prof points out that each law review article costs about $100,000 of tuition dollars to the law school - and adds very, very little value to the law students that are forced to pay for it.

For those who may have wondered whether the Law Professor really is a law professor, the professor's identity was verified by Inside Higher Ed at this post.  Additionally, you can read an interview with the Law Professor here on Constitutional Daily.


  1. I'm enjoying Inside's posts a lot. Hits nail on head.

    Also wanted to let you know I've enjoyed the series on "what college students really want...." Good stuff, and worth reading for the u-23 crowd

  2. Amazing! Before it was lawyers, law school students and paralegals blogging away about the ugly realities of the legal profession. Now, we have a law school professor who is flat out admitting that law school is a scam! Pre Law Students beware!

  3. These claims are without merit and we will vigorously defend against them in court.

  4. Thanks J-Dog! I just posted Part 3 on Job Security.

    Thanks also to everyone for their comments.

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